Decorative Paint

Through the process of making a house into a home, there is a wonderful ingredient that can be flavored in. That ingredient is known as decorative painting. Generally, decorative painting includes translucent wall color effects (glazing), textural wall effects, trompe l’oeil and murals. Decorative painting can enhance your home by harmonizing the furnishings with the architecture.

Here are some examples of David Walker’s decorative painting.

This is a table top that has been painted, distressed, then embellished with a custom made stencil design.



This colorful ceiling was achieved by painting the intricate medallions and corner designs by hand in the studio and then adhering them to the painted ceiling squares.


Here, a decorative stencil design overlays a faux finish of warm

neutral in a formal dining room.

Decorative painting can take a space from great to magnificent. Here a one of a kind

medallion over a ceiling fan gives the room just the right ambience.